A comic rogue who seems to have modeled his life and prose on Hunter S.Thompson's… I could not get enough of the most depraved travel book of the year.

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The colorful adventures of a budding travel writer in Brazil… a wonderfully picaresque journey through the vibrant Brazilian landscape… Readers will relish the countless stories of the author's misadventures, but Kohnstamm brings more than just anecdotes: He offers a solid understanding of the mechanics of the travel-writing industry and a unique ability to illuminate that world to readers. Notable for its spirited prose and insightful exploration of the less-romantic side of travel writing. Kohnstamm is one to watch.

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"Thomas Kohnstamm’s raw portrayal of life as a young, broke travel writer in South America… A must-read for any backpacker—future, past, or present."

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Kohnstamm is nobody's model travel journalist, except maybe Hunter Thompson's… [he's the] sudden enfant terrible of his field… Do Travel Writers Go To Hell? is the best-written, funniest book of travel literature since Phaic Tan.

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A guidebook writer reveals the truth about his trade, in detail that will shock and awe.

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The shot heard 'round the travel world…

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It's Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, but with tourism… [Lonely Planet CEO] Ms. Slatyer made Mr. Kohnstamm's book sound dangerous.

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[Kohnstamm]'s the first to blow the whistle on the travel industry's dirty little secret.

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